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Take Control of Your Small Satellite & Sensor Data

NodeSat provides a unique cloud integration service to help you manage your small satellite communications

High Volume Data Transfer & Storage

NodeSat provides the world’s only dedicated cloud storage and integration network for satellite and alternative observation networks.  Move high volumes of data across the globe and integrate your data directly with your current systems.

3rd Party Services Integration

We understand that the data your require often means processing by external services.  We integrate directly with these types of services specifically to automate the processes you require and cut down the time you need to get your data.

Space & Earth Data Aggregation

Avoid the need to collect new sets of unnecessary data by making use of a growing set of aggregated data.  Further share your non-sensitive data to recoup your investment and value-add to others across the globe.

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We will be releasing the Beta system to select customers in the near future.  Register now to be amongst the first to experience the new era of satellite data access.

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